Madlen Gorgias Shoes Recolor 2

Its a recolor of @madlensims shoes and you will need the original mesh from hereTop by @trillyke and hair by@darkosims3.

- 45 swatches
- everyday, formal, party, swimsuit
- real in game shine
- teen to elder
- stand alone set

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD (SFS) no adfly


Madlen Makahari Shoes Recolor     Madlen Gorgias Shoes Recolor - Maxis Match     Madlen Gorgia Shoes Patterns


  1. I can't download anything from your site either. I click the download link and the page gets stuck in "Loading..." forever.

  2. Hello there. Its probably because of your internet browser. Try another one it will help. Thanks

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