Elfdor Victorian Ballroom Set

- 40 swatches dress & 25 swatches gloves
- new mesh for dress
- everyday, formal, party
- teen to elder
- real in game shine
- base game compatible
- maxis match

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!





Isabelle Skye said...

This is my new favorite dress!! Thank you so much for making this, it can be so hard to find good Victorian TS4 cc and I'm so glad I found you. I also adore your Edwardian cc! it's historically accurate and beautiful, thank you so much and I'm excited to see what kinds of historical cc you'll make in the future!

elfdor said...

Hello there and thank you for your lovely comment! :) I did some research so all of my historical clothes is and will be historically accurate but close to maxis match aesthetic. It was challenging but also great fun to make historical clothes so I will certainly make some more. Thank again and enjoy! :)

emmixs said...

Hi! These dresses are amazing! And I would love to download them, but the adfly link doesn't work. Thought I would notify about this so that it maybe could be fixed?

elfdor said...

Hello there please try again because its working for me

Ballerina Journey said...

Hello, the adfly link doesn't work :(
I really want these dresses, they are beautiful!

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