BEAR V Neck Blouse Recolor

Its a recolor of Bear shoes and you will need the original mesh from here.

- 30 swatches
- everyday, formal, party
- teen to elder
- stand alone set

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!



Goldy Tanktop     Madlen Vera Boots Recolor     AUVEMORN Chelsea Boots Recolor - Female version


AlexaMz said...

I've noticed that download links that begin with don't work. This is such a beautiful top recolor; is there any way you can make it available through another link?

elfdor said...

Hi there AlexaMz :) Download link is updated now. Thank you for info ;)

Unknown said...

Hello Elfdor sorry to bother you but there seem to be an issue with downloading these lovely tops.

elfdor said...

Hello there. Link is ok. Pls try to download file again

Unknown said...

I'd tried again and it finally worked. Thank you so much for your creation and your time!

elfdor said...

Thank you for your kind words and support! :D

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