Space Invaders Outfits

Its a standalone recolor of Deep Spase jumpsuit and mesh is from the base game. You can find matching boot here.

- 40 swatches
- everyday, formal, party
- teen to elder
- real in game shine
- base game compatible

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!





Unknown said...

The download link is missing.

elfdor said...

Hello there. Link in ok. Please try again or download file from Simsdom.

--- said...

the simsdom link is the one that's broken

elfdor said...

Please try again. Its working for me

Unknown said...

The simsdom link is still dead i tried 7 times

Unknown said...

The link send to the adfly but the adfly redirect to a dead link

Lark said...

The same thing is happening to me. I've been trying the simsdom link but its broken

elfdor said...

Hi there Lark,

Please try now, adfly link is removed

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