Edwardian Afternoon Dress

- 30 swatches
- new mesh
- everyday, formal, party
- teen to elder
- real in game shine
- base game compatible
- maxis match

Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!





Unknown said...

I can't download from either. My anti-virus has suddenly decided that simsdom is a dangerous site, and I can't download from Patreon because..well..I don't have the money..plz help :(

elfdor said...

Hi there :) I can assure you that Simsdom is not dangerous site and that is virus free. Solution is to put Simsdom on to white list in your antivirus and download will be available to you.

Ladydj said...

I am unable to download. My antivirus does not show a white list option.

elfdor said...

Hi there :) Every antivirus have white list option you just need to find it. Try help option in your antivirus to find how to add site address to the white list. Hope this help.

Unknown said...

The adfly link won't allow me to download this without giving it access to my browser... which is obviously some form of malware. This is saddening considering that I really like this piece of cc. :(

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